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Good to Vote has partnered with with a new take on enlisting talent to make sure their fans are ready to vote. Participating talent challenges their fans to take a voting action (i.e. registering to vote or checking their registration) and when fans hit the goal, the talent releases something special! During the 2020 election cycle, we’ve registered over 150,000 people to vote, over 500,000 people have verified their registration and along the way we’ve seen cast reunions, lessons in cursing, cooking tutorials, shaved heads and so much more. See below for some Good to Vote examples.


The project was created in July 2020 by Ben Relles and Noah Pollack. Voter registration in the 2020 election had declined due to COVID, and this campaign aimed to incentivize voter action by giving something back to fans. The first 2 people who participated - YouTubers Michael Stevens and Jack Douglass - both registered over 1500 people and since then over 75 other creatives have played a part. Good To Vote team members includes Halle Niehoff, Jessica Scoratow, Elsa Collins, and Kevin Rutkowski.


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